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Alexandr S. MARKON

   The modern natural sciences contains the principle, base mistake followed by essential losses both of the science and that practice which is based on science achievements. The pepresentation about matter as about objective reality was entered by Ulyanov-Lenin (Vl. Ilyin) exactly a hundred years ago. The concept of matter has been expanded per this: energy was begun to admit as matter together with substance. This contribution to science progress is comparable to Koperniks one.
   However, contrary to logic Lenin has stopped halfway and has not admitted materiality of information though it is not less objective and real. This mistake constrains the science progress. In particular it hinders
to find out hierarchy of mutual relations between metaphysical reality and physical one;
to understand the nature of life, to admit the teleological kind of evolution, to find out beyond-genetical mechanism of heredity;
to understand the nature of psyche and of its base elements image, emotion, memory, attention, volition;
to synthesize methodological approaches of the academic medicine and alternative, and to receive results inaccessible to each them separately;
to understand mechanisms of psyche (in particular narcotic) dependences and to get an opportunity of painless, fast (almost instant), reliable liberation from them;
to get new in principle approaches to ethical and social (up to political) problems (and opportunities of their solution).

   The concept of the Nature (Hyperphysical Materialism) is offered, which
is based upon results of practice,
eliminates this mistake, admits materiality of information,
expands concept of matter and so changs the scientific outlook basis,
opens abilities of sharp increase of efficiency on various actual directions of practice.
   This concept is accessible completely in the Network
x x x x x<www.PsiMatter.marcon.us/mecn.htm>
   It can be of interest first of all to
x x x x x philosophers,
x x x x x physicists,
x x x x x biologists,
x x x x x medics (especially to psychiatrists, narcologists),
x x x x x psychologists (and psychotherapists).
   Its key positions have formerly been published in the monographies of
x x x x x Psychology of Healing or of Occult Medicine (1990)
x x x x x Introduction into Healing (1992)
x x x x x Fundamental Psychology (2004)
x x x x x Hyperphysical materialism (2006)
x x x x x Reincarnation (2008) and others.
   The RAS (Russian Academy of Science on behalf of academic science) ought
either to reject this conception in result of convincing rational criticism,
x x in particular criticism fulfilled by the RAS Commission on struggle against a pseudo science and falsification of scientific investigations,
or to admit it as an essential (actual, vital, working) theoretical basis of natural sciences.
   There is the third ability to ignore the concept of hyperphysical materialism. But it mismatches interests of the science progress and, hence, the purposes and tasks of the RAS declared in its Statute.


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