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   A person is NOT born free although exactly the opposite is proclaimed as the ethical norm.
  Y-(psi)-technique practice testifies, that people without psyche problems, without obsessions are not the common majority, as one might expect because an obsession is not the norm, – but they are rather rare exception. Someone is afraid to enter into a lift cabin contrary to his own common sense or to sit down in the plane, to go down in the underground. Someone cannot indulge his favourite occupation because of fear of examination or competition standing in a way to this purpose. Someone cannot reconcile that he is a man (or, vice versa, a woman). Someone lives half-starving, but at that finds money for a pack of cigarettes which is more expensive than a loaf of bread.
    A person is NOT born free. Since infancy we depend immediately upon our parents and upon other relatives; later – upon close social environment, upon school; finally – upon humanity in general. At each of these life stages conflicts with the environment are inevitable, conflicts more or less sharp and leaving, accordingly, more or less deep and painful traces in psyche. It is considered, that the higher social status the more complex are psyche problems.
   Time is a great healer. This is true but not always. A person's emotion (which are just the person himself) connected with experience can grow stronger with time and come to conflicts with his own common sense (which are he himself too), can become a psyche obsessions. A person may even not realize his obsession, realize that it disturbs him and how mush disturbs.
   Obsession reveales itself as double standards in person's evaluations of events or situations with regard to whether this person is involved or not. Someone else abstains from smoking – well, that's all right. But if it's ME who abstains from smoking – so it's a horror, I can climb up the wall. [ Apropos: the nicotine dependence is the most persistent, stubborn ]
   Self-help – in-personal help – against obsessions is a serious science, thin art and hard (not always safe!) work. An ability of effective help from outside – inter-personally – is discredited by aggressive advertising of non-valid methods. Besides false statements of incurability of obsessions, in particular – narcotic ones, made by official / state medicine and by powerful public organizations, like Anonymous Alcoholics, provoke refusal from even attempts to struggle with them.
   Meantime, FP,-methods
• being an intellectual property of IAPV,
• being know-how not because the author keeps them a secret (they are published), but because to transfer and to master them is not enough their description, because alive instruction is necessary,
allow to liberate painlessly, quickly and reliably a patient from any obsessions.
    A patient/client is liberated from his psyche sufferings and gains indifference to their source, he obtaining or restoring his psyche immunity.
    IAPV purposes are:
• practical – mitigation of society moral atmosphere by means of liquidation of social conflicts subjective-psychological causes
• scientific – development and realization of Fundamental Psychology research programs
• to get a profit is not a basic purpose of IAPV activity.
    IAPV tasks are:
• optimal use of its psi-technique abilities
• wide informing about curability of narcomaniae and about other FP abilities
• a help to organizations in their work with the population, in particular
  •• a help to organizations and enterprises by their employees better feeling and higher working capacity
  •• a help to organizations, especially to insurance and charitable ones, by quantity of heir clients problems reduction
  •• a help to public health protection organizations, especially to cardiological, pulmonological, oncological, by liberating their patients from self-intoxications.
    Unlike many other associations IAPV suggests uniting in the first turn not professionals but those needy of assistance. Such a union is a most actual way-out for today's Russia where social tension is pumped both by objective circumstances and intentionally.
    IAPV emblem is a flower of tobacco plant which is nicotine-free unlike leaves – symbolizes obsession-free state.
    Language dissociation may be a possible reason for interpersonal conflicts which is of most actual importance to Russia with its dozens of actively spoken languages.Esperanto is taken as one of the IAPS's working languages because of its linguistic advantages and high purity of ethic principles and targets of international Esperanto movement.

( IAPS is a member member of the All-Russian Union of Public associations "The Civil society - to children of Russia" )

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