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Creative relations
for registration of discovery
   REGULARITIES of interactions between
realities and PHYSICAL reality

   The knowledges which are the matter of this claim, concern to area of natural sciences in a broad sense this word, i.e. by consideration of a person (with his consciousness and psyche as the whole) as a component of the Nature. They are closer
inherently to problems of psychology and philosophy; and
practically to psychology and medicine.
   These knowledges
(on the one hand) are based upon knowledges known by both of
   the toaday's academic sciences (TAS), and of
   traditional (esoteric, occult) sciences (ES), and
(on the other hand) are new for (relatively) both NAS amd ES. At that some knowledge known to ES already before, are new to the NAS, within the limits of which registration is supposed. Therefore they are included in the text of the FORMULA equally with the knowledges, new for ES.


   The knowledge, known to the NAS, aren't enough for mastering (understanding and practical use on the base of this understanding) of distant phenomena (DP), i.e. the phenomena fixed, registered by physical means, but contradicting to statements (principles, laws) of physics. Let's be limited with mention of only two categories of DP. There is sufficiently extensive information of DP in (for example) the edition [ 38 ], from which the term "DP" is borrowed too.
  1. Changes of subjects weight during spiritualistic sessions were fixed still by A.M. Butlerovym/.. [ 20 ], becoming the science history as the author of chemical structural school and as the author of the first laboratory synthesis of organic substance. The weights changed both reducing, and increasing from tens percent up to hundreds (i.e. in times). Butlerov as a chemist was able to use scale and balance
  2. Distant diagnostics and distant therapy are devoted the author's of this of this claim researches (for example [ 1A ]).

   Already existing terminology is not enough to describe metaphysical (beyond physics) mechanisms of DP. The science of psychology needs its own terms to describe psyche like (similarly) as the science of physics needs terms of type particle, wave, field. So, in the formula of the Claim terms astralum, mentalum, soul, preact, spirit, vivum etc are used (see GLOSSARY).

    is establishment, ascertaining of some statements (laws), unknown to SAN,
a part of which is known to TES, though has no strict (precise) descriptions (definitions) even in TES frameworks. In particular:
  each object existing in physicum (in the physical reality) is actually an object hyperphysical for it has besides its physical component also a metaphysical component (it is represented in metaphysicum, in a metaphysical reality);
  metaphysicum consists of two non-physical components of matter (of objective reality) of mentalum and astralum; criteria of distinction between the three hypersubstances (despite absence of precise, sharp borders between them) are defined:
      mentalum objects possess only information,
      astralum (metaphysical) objects possess also spatial properties localization, extent, form are inherent to them,
      physical (hyperphysical) objects possess inertia, they are massive:
            energy objects (radiations and power fields) possess mass of movement
            substance objects possess also mass of rest.
and another part is not known to TES too. In particular:
  mentalum can influence actively upon astralum, turning (being transformed) into astralum objects and/or phenomena;
  astralum can influence actively upon physicum, turning (being transformed) into physical objects and/or phenomena;
  mentalum can influence actively upon physicum ONLY through astralum, but NOT directly, immediately.

        The admitting of materiality (objective reality) of mentalum and astralum restores representation about unity of the Nature, liquidates a breach between Being and consciousness, which is not peculiar to the Nature, but is thrust upon it by the Cartesian science.
        The admitting of a psyche as a part of the Nature, as a material object and the object/topic of the psychology transforms psychology into a fundamental science (into one of sciences about the Nature). This conceptual base allows to master (to explain and to use rationally on the base of these explanations) all psyche phenomena remaining (and doomed to remain) mysterious for Cartesian psychology, beginning with the phenomenon of a perception image forming.
        The opportunity of the interative medicine forming opens, which will creatively synthesizes abilities of both rational (academic) medicine and alternative (complementary, traditional) medicine, and will have qualitative advantages before each of these medical directions. In particular
        the opportunity to manage actively psyche processes opens, to get needed results which are inaccessible for medicamentous psychiatry and/or in hundreds and thousand times less hard (both for a doctor, and for his patient!) concerning accessible results. In particular
        the opportunity to suppress the psyche epidemic (pandemic?) of narcotic dependences opens, to reduce this demography dangerous factor down to a level of the everyday life problem.
    For long-term outlook the concept of three-level Being hierarchy is actual for practically any activity - for industrial and an agricultural production, transport and communications, for scientific researches and art, for pedagogue, sports etc.; and especially - for extreme situations.

   The first official document reflecting contents of this Claim is the REPORT on a research PSYCHOLOGY of the HEALING executed by the author in the Scientific Research Institute for the General and Pedagogical Psychology of the (state) Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. The REPORT was approved on August, 14th, 1987 by the Institute acting director on scientific work. Copies of the title page and a page with the key fragments of the REPORT are applied
  . These materials were published with non-principle changes in the monograph of 1990 and in a number of the subsequent publications. The list of publications is applied.

. Markon
1997.11.12, (summer 2006 easy redaction).

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