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ХCreative relations
Part III
      FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 12. DISTANT INFLUENCE
                         12.4  SATURATION

      12.4.3. WAYS
(channels) of SATURATION

и        First of all let's note, that it is not so important, by which namely way energy comes into destination place. Moreover, in spatially-geometrical sense these ways can be absent at all: it can dissipate from its source, for example Ц evenly, isotropically and then can the same isotropically concentrate in another, necessary place. We'll note nevertheless some characteristic ways of its transfer.
1. The shortest way Ц the straight one Ц can be made (created, carved, punched) by a healer as well as any other way.
2. Already existing, natural channels, in particular Ц known as nadi (yoga) or as May (meridians Ц акупунктура), can be used. Largest of them are described many times. Places, where they cross a physical body surface, are well-known as BAP. Acupuncture Ц picking BAP with a needle Ц seems to be a rather rough, inflexible procedure. At so active intervention it is difficult to dose an influence. As variants more flexible, close to an optimum are represented are seemed
Х massage BAP,
Х contactless warming up with a sagebrush cigarette,
Х healing influence,
at which BAP (or the whole channel, the whole system) also become more active, open (are deblocked), but the dosage occurs spontaneous, self-adjusted.
    BAP are known not only along acupuncture meridians, but also on auricles, on a skull arch, on a foot sole, on an iris, etc. Energy channels stimulations improve energetic metabolism, facilitate additional charging Space (with external astralum), and so is valuable irrespective of whether a healer use them in the further or not.
3. Energy can be transferred also through intermediate "accumulators" Ц stores, keepers, carriers, transmitters. As subjects-intermediaries there are used more often
Х food substances - water, salt, sugar, etc. (автору использование их чаще встречалось в практике целителей из сельской местности, знахарей)
Х medicines, various on their
  ХХ components and their origins
  ХХ forms (mixture, ointment, etc.)
  ХХ ways of application (internal, external)
  ХХ sources (of own preparation or pharmaceutic)
Х jewels and other jewellery materials, and jewelry from them.
    As intermediate instance a person can be used too. So, an influence upon a baby can be effective through its mother.     и

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