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Part III
      FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 12. DISTANT INFLUENCE
                         12.4  SATURATION

12.4.4. DEPTH

        Healing influence is deeply intimate psychy process. Therefore it would be consider more likely all its external displays as exteration of this process. Nevertheless, as far as a healer begins mastering of healing as subject actions, using physical fulcrums, and only then stops to use them, the process of his becoming as a healer can be considered (by P.Ja. Galperin/ .. [ 23 ]) as a step-by-step interiorization of the comprehensive subject action.
    Let's mark out some stages of such interiorization using as an example working with hands at saturation.
1. Passes. A healer works with energy as with a subject, he moves it with his hands, physically makes all conceived manipulations. As a fulcrum he uses his own hands.
2. Healer's hands participate in work, but they are quiet and only located in necessary, convenient position relatively a patient's body. And power streams, directed by them, flows along motionless hands.
3. Healer's physical hands don't participate in work, and he works with his astralum hands. This work can be made both in the first way (passes), and in the second.
4. It was supposed in the three previous variants, that a patient is present, is near to a healer. At he next interiorization stage this presence becomes needless. A healer works with a patient's phantom in any of the three previous ways.
    Use by a healer of a phantom, created by him, not only provides a number of essential organizational convenience and advantages, first of all economy of time, forces and means because any transport becomes needless, but also significantly expands healer's methodical abilities. For example
it is easy to allocate for work any part of patient's body from his phantom;
it is easy to place a phantom conveniently for work;
it is easy to reduce a patient's phantom down to a Lilliputian, it is one of ways of energy streams power increase; or on the contrary:
to increase a phantom (or its part) up to a degree, allowing to work individually with a separate cell of an organism;
it was already marked, that patient's tranquillity promotes success of healer's influence. At work with a phantom this condition is carried out automatically.
    In order to make a phantom a fulcrum can be used. Besides an "alive" (physically presenting) patient, such a fulcrum can be
a photo (even of a stranger);
a voice (even heard by phone for the first time);
a thing (an object) belonging (or belonged) to him or was a part of his body (hair, blood, etc);
a picture in anatomic atlas can be a fulcrum for creation of a phantom of normal, healthy body;
a phantom of a tissue, cell can be created on the base of a histologic, cytologic photo or picture.
    Sometimes it is expedient to form not only a patient's phantom, but as well an influencing phantom. In such a making a number of stages can be marked:
creation of a phantom-healer. Often it is a phantom of a patient's relative. So, for a baby it is almost always a phantom of its mother;
"learning" of the phantom. As a rule it is a transfer to the phantom of a healer's own functions;
programming of a phantom-healer's operating mode according to
  patient's state or
  any other parameter (or parameters combination.)
    High degree, depth of interiorization should not turn to end of itself. In each concrete case it is necessary to be guided to maximum of result efficiency, to patient's interests.
    Let's notice, that the condition, which description by A.S.Green/ .. is cited formerly, corresponds to a high interiorization degree: there was spoken there not about an action (breath) and not about emotion (delight), but about the internal effort similar to them.
    Let's show now that salutary for a patient can be not only energy saturation of his AsB     

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