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Part III
      FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 14. HEALTH of SOUL

        14.1  What is the NORM

    In medicine whose parameters are admitted as a norm, which are inherent to the majority of a certain contingent (for example, to an age category) or even to the population as a whole (on average). At that, only those are included into this majority who is perceived (by researchers defining borders of the norm) a priori/intuitively/subjectively as healthy people. Therefore criteria received in such a way are unstable in time. For example, the norm of leukocytes in blood is today not that, how it was about 40 years ago.
    Any deviation from such a norm (exceeding of its borders) is admitted as a pathology. Such an approach is accepted in psychiatry too. At that excess/improvement of a norm is admitted as a pathology too. Thus, states which are linked with DP (and with CCS ), for example the clairvoyance, are admitted as pathology as well. If to be sequential at such approach, one have to admit, that a human being is a pathology of an ape.
    The norm in psychology Ц unlike medicine Ц can be define precisely enough (at least, by one of parameters Ц by volition): if a person's behaviour is directed by his common sense, so it is a norm (accordingly, the norm presupposes also that the person has this common sense); but if it is directed by emotions, and in spite of common sense, so it is deviation from a norm (see section 5.1).
    To be recognized as a pathology, the psychy state should possess simultaneously two traits:
Х to be
   ХХ spontaneous, arising unintentionally and/or (that is more important)
   ХХ uncontrollable, not interrupted intentionally - irrespective of that, whether it is inten-tionally caused or not неуправл€емым, не прерываемым намеренно Ц независимо от того, намеренно ли оно вызвано;
Х to be inadequate, appropriate to a situation, to facts of objective, physical reality (an estimation itself of adequacy can turn in a serious problem because has frequently personal, subjective character).
    If at least one of these signs is absent, it is necessary to admit absence of a pathology too, to admit psyche health.
    But, to admit a person as a mentally diseased, it is necessary to consider still the third factor too Ц the temporal one, the factor of stability or repeatability of a pathological state. We'll give an example/precedent of a single pathological state of a quite healthy person. It was a case of rather non-ordinary therapeutic using of an protective astralum screen.     и

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