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Part III
        FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 16.   Self-CURING

            16.02   PROBLEMS

        Any health-improving actions can happen senseless if factors breaking normal/natural vital processes are not removed preliminary.

   Sleeping is one of such processes, but problems of sleeplessness demands special discussion. For it is impossible to tear off pathology from norm, psychiatry from psychology, etc. It is impossible to understand, what is sleep (a competence sphere of philosophy and psychology) and sleeplessness (sphere of medicine) not having understood, what is sleep as a natural phenomenon (from positions of natural sciences). Therefore the author was not limited himself with consideration of especially practical questions ( 6.7 ) and has devoted to this problem entirely chapter 6.

   The logic itself prompts, that any cleaning procedures will be useless if not to stop regular pollutions of an organism. Troubles of public opinion concerning the ecological state of the Earth are unfortunately not vain. But whether it is not obvious, that is useless to waste efforts and means for clarification (somewhat) huge spaces around of a person, if he intentionally (without efforts) pollutes internal space of his organism in degree in comparably greater? The question is, certainly, rhetorical. It's reasonable not to reduce ecological activity, but to raise activity of struggle against self-poisonings. Mass character of these phenomena, forcing to admit them as the psyche epidemic if not pandemic, is the result (at least partly) of state short-sighted politics, putting public higher than individual, and in the upshot to the detriment of public. There are both here the prices politics, and absence of real alternatives to drunkenness, and formality of measures of struggle against it. Here is weakness of the academic narcology. Here is iatrogenic propagation of false idea about incurability of narcotisms.
   Still worse a situation is with tobacco. If harm of drunkenness is more obvious and, hence, is more realized, so predilection for smoking remains in consciousness of the majority (and, what is the most dangerous of youth) innocent, quite pardonable and even very lovely, juicy weakness.
   The wide public, in particular the smoking people who is in our country more than a half of the whole population, doesn't know the terrible statistics of the WHO, only three data points from which for 1994 year are already enough;
50 % of those who smokes, die by those reasons, which in their turn caused by smoking, and at that they lose about 20 years of the life;
59 % of male dies from a cancer are connected with smoking;
the risk to die from lung cancer is for smoker in 35 (!) times higher than for non-smoker.
   The traditional, folk medicine, from its point of view, considers, that function of an organism is the more important, the less time the organism can do without it. So, while it is possible to live some day without drink, so only some minutes without breath. And breath is accordingly more important. And this very function is disorganized and suppressed by tobacco smoke first of all.
   If the consumer of a drug tries to refuse it, but unsuccessfully, it means his problem narcotic dependence, psyche obsession is much more serious, than merely physical health, for two reasons.
   On a person's way to the global purpose of his life to spiritual perfection, to harmonious development a necessary condition of success (and sometimes, probably, even end in itself) is his internal freedom.
   Refusal of drugs is inevitable and is only a matter of time. A dependence, need for a drug, bad feeling without it is the illness not so much of a physical body (rus), how of astralum body (nim), the illness which is not cured by using of a drug, but is drived inside: symptoms are removed but only temporarily and dependence is fixed, amplifies. Sooner or later, but inevitably for everyone, there comes the moment when he remains with his astral body, but without physical one (see chapter 9). Then, after death it is impossible to smoke. The earlier to start trying of the problem decision the better, the more valuable is result.

   At that while the social-pedagogical help can promote to change the system of values, of style of a life and/or of preferable image, etc., so psychological help and concrete: with a support upon psi-technique
can not only remove an abstinence syndrome, remove internal need for drugs, return quickly and painlessly such attitude of an addict to his drug which he had before he used it for the first time in his life
but as well can help in overcoming the inertial barrier, preventing to begin this work, can relieve his fear of these changes necessity, his fear to realize this problem and can help to start to decide it.
   During the last years (since about 1995) this problem has become a national threat (see s-n 17.4.01 )

   A regular intake of a medicine by a chronic patient also can become a psyche obsession when he is merely afraid to refuse it. Such a situation a joke about aboriginals who create as much noise as possible during a solar eclipse in order to frighten and banish a monster devouring their Sun, and who are afraid to refuse this ritual because at previous eclipses the Sun was saved.            

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