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Part III
        FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 16.   Self-CURING

            16.04  CLEANING PROCEDURES

и        Some people not only evade the work for clearing GIT (the gastrointestinal tract), but even avoid – for aesthetic reasons but medical at all – to discuss this topic. And meanwhile it is practically impossible to compensate in a sufficient measure insufficient clearing of an organism through intestines at the expense of clearing through kidneys and/or lungs, a leather, no matter however active they may function.

   Cleaning of intestines (not even whole GIT but only thick intestines ) yields appreciable results, irrespective of, whether follows then famine. For example, at pulmonary inflammations, at a flu, right after washings – in spite of the fact that it is additional loading, demands efforts – the condition noticeably is facilitated, improves, decreases temperature. It can be especially essential to those to whom full famine is inaccessible on those or others яЁшёшэрь.
   For many a serious obstacle to venture on nestiatria is necessity to use a cleansing enema. In this connection it is reasonable to recommend to use a flexible tube connected to the water-pipe instead of an enema. The tube can be used without any tip: a low (2÷3 sm) fountain like a drinking one is enough. It is convenient to do it in a sitting position (NOT laying as it is recommended usually). Such replacement can be especially essential at a painful hemorrhoids.
   The water temperature should be such that in rectum it would be felt as cool. It is as a rule, and at propensity to intestines spasms it should be better felt as warm. Both variants may be alternated too.
   Large volumes of water are not obligatory (and even are undesirable: many have too stretched intestines walls even without enemas). It is enough to fill in colon up some little, unpainful pressure. It is better to make several little lavages one after another than one big one. It gives an effect of siphon enema but is painless.

   At propensity to constipations (these causes are frequent), it can be recommend the daily using of micro-lavages with volume less than 100 ml (i.e. less than half a glass; a child's enema-pear)can be use. The purpose is not to wash the colon mechanical but to stimulate, to tone intestines up. They can be with water (with cold, or even ice water) and/or with urine. Water and urine can be alternated. Each of them can act several times.
   При склонности к запорам (явлении частом) можно рекомендовать практику ежедневных микроклизм, объемом до 100 мл (меньше половины стакана; удобно использовать детскую клизму-грушу). Их назначение – не механическая промывка кишечника, а его тонизация, стимуляция. Они могут быть водными (холодной, даже ледяной водой) и/или уриновыми. Воду и урину можно чередовать.
   В зависимости от состояния ЖКТ (а, впрочем, и всего организма) может потребоваться не одна микроклизма, а серия из двух-трёх. Но и наоборот: однократная может давать многократное очищение.


   Clearing of intestines can be insufficient in spite of absence of obvious propensity to constipations, at regular natural clearings. In these cases supplementary clearings can be expedient: a microenema can be used at once after natural clearing. While intestine full cleanings ("up to pure washing waters") can be used periodically like a hot steam bath, microenemas can be used daily like teeth cleaning.

   Chewing (or sucking) of sunflower-seed (or other vegetable) oil can improve (clean, activate) mucous on whole GIT.
   The procedure is carried out at empty stomach, right after getting up. 1-2 tea spoons of the oil are taken in the mouth. The oil is driven by the tongue to teeth. Then the oil is sucked to a throat with force, at resistance of the tongue pressed to the palate. The oil is driven again to teeth. And so on during 2-5 minutes. First the oil gets notably denser, then it becomes liquid as water. The procedure must be finished by spit, NOT by swallow! (After that to clean a teeth is possible.)
   Efficiency of the procedure is testified by changing of the tongue color (by liquidation of an incrustation/deposit on it), as is known, a tongue is a mirror of whole GIT (like as eyes are a mirror of soul). Indirectly the same is testified by changing of oil taste: it becomes rancid and unpleasant, as after long and bad storage.       и

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