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Part III
        FP and HEALTH
        Chapter 16.   Self-CURING

16.07  JOGGING

     Mental burdens are not dangerous themselves. Overburdens, i.e. not compensated burdens are dangerous. They can lead to stress, to disorders of energy circulation in sB (astralum body), to blocking sB channels.
   Compensating factors can be both brightly (boisterous, wild) manifested emotional reaction tears, shout, etc., which is presently considered if even pardonable, so only for a child, and physical exertions. The more stresses are, the more compensating exertions. should be. But an enough compensation can be hardly provided without training. A sudden physical overload can be stressful itself. And on the contrary: regular loadings can serve as advance, preventive compensation for/aganst possible (future)stresses.
   Any physical loadings activate to some extent the whole body, all organs, all functions, all exchange processes. But the most harmonious distribution of loadings on bodies and the most harmonious activation of each of them arise at quiet, even run. Inharmonious, one-sided loading can give undesirable by-results.
   To start running is better so slowly that it would be created the sensation, that such a kind of moving in the space is your natural state, that you can run so still more one, two... hours. At fatigue (if such slow running made you boring, and therefore you increased your speed, but too much) it is desirable to not pass to walking, moreover especially to not stop, but to reduce speed. Even if you run more slowly, than you could go, an effect of running is better: in the other rate, rhythm all organs, all functions work, even sight, but first of all respiratory; all of them get influences pushes, stirrings, vibrations which they do not get at walking.
   By K.P.Butejko / .. [ 19 ]: the medical effect of running/jogging sharply increases, if the run lasts not less than 20 minutes without stop or transition to walking. Certainly, if circumstances allow you to run an hour, it is better than half an hour; and to run 10 minutes is better than not to run at all. (By the way, unlike other CMPS elements, running can save time, but not take it. So you can run somewhere 5 minutes instead of walking 7 minutes.) But, if you have a choice: to run an hour or 6 times for 10 minutes, so the duration of 25-30 minutes for each time is better.
   For the very beginning it is better to walk (in 25-30 minutes) almost as rapidly as you can, so that by the end of a walk you feel some weariness, that some perspiration has come out. Then short runs (since 100 or even since 10 steps) can be included in a walk Its possible to change running for going at any discomfort caused by run, but to run again as soon as the normal state will be restored.
   To imitate run, to move as (in the rhythm of) run is possible with crutches, in an invalid carriage, without getting up from bed at all, though it is certainly better to do it on fresh air, not in room.
   But it would be mistake to unite such loadings with remedial gymnastics directed on development of joints at restriction of their mobility. They should be carried out in quite other rhythm: slowly, calmly, cautiously, groping for swing possible borders (for borders of the pain beginning), and with gradual expansion of these borders. It is better to begin each gymnastics since healthy joints, not from sick, and beginning since fingers and finishing the backbone. It is (extremely desirable).necessary preliminary consultation of remedial gymnastics instructor.    

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