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Part III
        FP and HEALTH
        Chapter 16.   Self-CURING

16.08  COLD

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     It is more expedient to increase ones resistibility than to try to protect oneself against over-coolings (as well as against any other overload, danger; all the same its impossible to be saved against everything, and is it a real life if to live under a cap?!). There is a definition of the health resistibility as ability to withstand, tolerate overloads mechanical, thermal, nutritional, etc.
   Washing of feet by cold water. Usual daily hygienic procedure is easy transforming into training for cold. In 1-2 months of such practice it becomes possible to step barefoot on the snow without afraid to catch a cold. If this procedure is begun not in heat summer, so its possible to soften it: to begin with cool water and day after day to reach up to ice-cold; its possible to begin with ice-cold water at once, but use such sharp cooling only several seconds, when feet are already washed up by warm water, and then to increase the duration of cooling; its possible to combine these variants.
   Crossed rubdowns. Moisten a sponge with cold water and rub the left arm down (this is for men; women are recommended to begin with the right hand). At once wipe the arm up to sensation of heat, up to reddening, but not only to dry. Once again moisten a sponge (it could become warm) and rub the right (women left) leg. After that it is wiped up to heat too, do the same with another hand, then with another leg.
   When this procedure becomes habitual (roughly in a week), complicate it: add rubdown of the fifth part the breasts. In a next week the sixth part the stomach. And, at last, the back. This sequence simulates sequence in which body parts of an animal steps into a water are moistened.
   The further complication stipulates rubdown of all parts successively and only after that their wiping; then using of douche instead of rubdown; and at last a cold shower.
   The procedure is so sparing that its possible to begin it even in the very frosts, and even still not quite having recovered after cold. But if its necessary or from care, so its possible to soften it still more. For example, its possible to increase gradualness, to break a body into more parts lets say, to moisten not a whole arm at once, but within the first week only a hand, within the second up to an elbow, and only then up to a shoulder.
   After a long break (in some days) its better to renew the procedure not from that stage, on which it was interrupted, but from the very beginning for not to risk. Nevertheless the whole way of complications can be passed much more quickly.    

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