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Part III
        FP and HEALTH
        Chapter 16.   Self-CURING

16.09  MASSAGE of the BAPs

     of the biologically active points or acupuncture points. Pricking of these points activates energy metabolism (at the astralum level of an organism). But a needle is a rather rough tool, that can lead to undesirable results (in particular because of impact overdose). Therefore (not only because to hit a BAP with a needle is not simple) pricking is admissible only by a specialist. BAPs are being activatede at massage too, but, unlike pricking, the energy streams dosage is controlled by the organism itself. Therefore massage of BAPs is accessible in self-treatment. At that more important are those sensations which remain after massage and which are always pleasant, but not those which arise during massage they can be splinter unpleasant, for example painful ( by the way: pain, like that made by a splinter, shows exact hitting a BAP ). Massage needs to be neither long nor strong. But after it residual sensations must be felt that is the main. The longer they are kept the better. It is expedient to make massage before sleep and to fall asleep, having still these sensations ( i.e. to repeat massage if they are lost ).
   Schemes and descriptions of BAPs positions can be used only for rough orientation. Everyones body differs both from other peoples bodies, and from schemes. Therefore an experts initial consultation is desirable, all the more that important is not only hit in a BAP, but also the pressing direction, which is usually not indicated on schemes. Consultation is desirable, but not obligatory: if to hit in some other point at massage (unlike at picking), it cannot be harmful, there is no risk in it.
   Massage of BAPs on auricle is especially simple and accessible. All organisms systems and organs are presented here. At that it is possible to activate all the 130 BAPs of auricle at once. To rub ears up to heat, up to a redness is enough for this. It is possible to do it both on a dry auricle, and with a cotton pellet, moistened with cologne. The only necessary precaution is some softness, to not damage a gentle leather of an ear, to not cause inflammations on it. The effect (especially at complaints to a sleeplessness) is improvement of health state, vivacity, reduction of necessary sleep time, increase of working capacity as the consequence of energy metabolism activation. The same effect can be reached by means of massage other places too, for example, beyond-meridian acupuncture points on fingers. There are 3 points on each finger: on each side of a nail root and the third in the center of a finger under the nail. 30 points all together (or 60 if to work with feet too).    

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