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Part IV
        A CHANCE to keep Russia as RUSSIAN one
        Chapter 17.   FP against NARCOMANIAE
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      17.3.   STRATEGY of prophylaxis

     It is useless to try to solve the problem of teenagers' (and a children's) narcotism prophylaxis separately from a problem of a narcotism as a whole, from narcotic predilections of parents, teachers, doctors and other adults.

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    Strategy of the teenages' narcotism prophylaxis should be of twice "hinterland echelon":
it should begin not with heavy drugs but with tobacco, and
it should begin not with teenagers but with adults, at that from the most authoritative in a society     
[ this fragment is not travslated yet ]
    Moral, humanistic principles allow to appeal a person
to refuse lemonade or beer not earlier, than to provide him with drinkable water
to refuse smoking not earlier, than to give him ability to be liberated from tobacco dependence.
   It is considered officially today, that the medicine must give such ability (and only medicine! The state, the law prohibits to anybody except for narcologists to treat an addict). But narcologists estimate their work as successful no more, than in 5% of all cases. A corresponding estimation of psychotherapists' work is essentially above:: in 60%. But this is also not enough for the epidemic suppression.
    A real CHANCE to suppress the epidemic gives FP:
its methods efficacy is not less than 90%, and
it takes much less than one hour (for liberation from psyche dependence) which is on 2÷3 the order (in hundreds times) less than psychotherapy.
    To popularize widely this information is especially important because many smokers, if not the majority of them, continue to smoke
not because do not wish to throw
but because consider it as the extremely difficult and/or even impossible.         

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