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Part I
            (The nature of PSYCHE)
      Chapter 6

        6.4.   PROPHETIC DREAM


...  I dream I'm at the Academic Council. aaaaaaaaaa
I awake...  Really: I am at the Academic Council!

     During sleep time not only astralum SA is liberated from direct physical influences, but also mentalum SM. Its connection with UDI is facilitated and becomes more effective.

    An author's observation. A hot summer day in Moscow suburbs. A Cat quietly drowses near a small house worth on an extensive country site. Her kitten plays around her. Suddenly the Cat has sharply risen, as if did not sleep, unwrapped herself and run aside into bushes by a business, fast gait. In several minutes she returned by the same gait with an alive mouse in her teeth and began to teach the kitten to hunt. How she did it, is an interesting and instructive topic, but it is already of the pedagogy area.
    Here we'll note, that Cat's activity was extremely purposeful. No doubts, no hesitations. Confidence and resoluteness, accuracy and quiet speed. It is on the one hand.
    On the other hand - she could not receive the information on the mouse by on one of physical perception channels. Sight, taste and tactile sensations are excluded with evidence. Hearing. When a cat listens, it moves its ears, directs them to the place of noise; in our case Cat's ears was quiet and directed forward, but she ran aside (and even rather back). The smell rests. And it is excluded too: when a cat sniffs, when chooses direction by smell - its behaviour happens completely: it becomes slow, cautious, alert, its shape changes.

    What's the conclusion? It is already brought out in this section heading. Reception of certain portion of an objective information directly from UDI during a dream. Spontaneous clairvoyance, in particular prophetic dream too, is not a human being privilege.
    There are many known, described in the literature and well documented, similar (in principle) cases with people - reception in dream of that information, which could be received by physical channels only much later - about Titanic catastrophe, about eruption of the Krakatau volcano, etc. A case of D.I. Mendeleyev, who saw his table of elements in dream, was in principle of the same kind.
    There is also possible to recept information on the future (proscopia, a special case of clairvoyance). Realization of a prediction received spontaneously in eidetically exact/bright form is perceived subjectively as deja vue, as repetition of the same situation.
    In view of that prediction (not only received in prophetic dreams) are sometimes indoubtedly realized, the philosophical question is actual concerning determinancy of the future, predefiniteness of destiny, and role of human volition in it.
    The ability to receive information of the future and an ability to influence upon the future do not contradict each other. Mentalum is richer than astralum, like as astralum is richer than physicum (fig. 9). If an event can go two mutually exclusive ways, so in UDI both of them coexist, and here each other do not exclude, and even do not deform. Reception of an information from UDI about the future can be a prevention/warning both about something inevitable, and about an opportunity to avoid something undesirable. Homer's Kassandra has correctly predicted disasters of Troy, but if her dear brother (Paris) would listened to her, the prediction could not come true.
    A person, making acts, is a conductor of the influence going from UDI (without God's will even a hair will not fall from a head). However, the UDI information itself is ambiguous, and it is only up to a person, what he will carry out/realize/embody, for example, is good or evil (that is the essence of his volition freedom). Occultism asserts: both are accessible in an equal measure. Both the God (kingdom of heaven), and the Devil (hell) - are inside you. And the choice - every time - is up you, for that was you just born (see also . 10).
    Exteration (liberation of astralum and/or mentalum) is possible in wakefulness too, but during sleep it is facilitated. Not casually V.N. Pushkin in his experiment with two plants [see unit  3.7 ], led an operator into a hypnotic state.     

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