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Part I
            (The nature of PSYCHE)
      Chapter 6

        6.5.   SLEEP and DEATH
     They are similar essentially by a separation of psyche from a physical body. Two distinctions are not principle but vitally important: the death separation is fuller ( 1 ) and for ever ( 2 ). Successes of modern resuscitation have softened the second difference - the concept of clinical death, return from which to life is possible like as from sleep, has appeared. Many people remember their clinical death experiences the same way as dreams. Such cases are collected and systematized in widely known R. Moody's work [ 161 ]. These impressions are typical, similar among themselves like as Jung's archetypes and Grof's perinatal spaces [ 31 ] are typical, what testifies their objectivity too.
    A death can (and should) occur as easily and calmly, without tortures and tragedies, as falling asleep: a person falls asleep, but not for some hours, but for ever (Assumption). Paolo Mantegazza noted: dream can naturally pass in death [ 78 ]. So it really happens though not frequently, and not only with babies.
    E.I. Shvartsburd/ who was a pathologist of forensic medical examination during more than 30 years, and through whose hands passed all cases of sudden death at her city site, told the author that cases when a death reason could not be found out neither on the macro- nor on the micro-level are not so rare (usually in such cases she gave an official/formal conclusion of cardiac insufficiency)
    On the other hand, a person can function normally at a pathology, which is seemed absolutely incompatible with a life. So, a woman living without any complaints to health, had died practically in one moment when she led a child along the street (she led a child for a walk and suddenly fell). Her brain had such parasitic damage, that actually was absent: an unstructured porridge there was instead of brain.
    The same E.I. spoke about the law of geminate cases, which, as far as we know, has not while reflected in the literature: with small time intervals cadavers with the similar reasons of death are conveyed in a mortuary; if a drowned man has been conveyed, so it means somebody else is expected to drown soon and to be conveyed here. Later doctors of many other specialities with long-term experiences, having learned from the author about this, spoke, that their practice confirms its reality.
    The author has no convincing explanation of this law. He has only two assumptions,
that it is similar to how an idea flights in air and two persons bring to patent the identical invention (as it has happened with a telephone) in the same patent office (!) with a difference in several not months, weeks or even days, but hours (!), that can be interpreted as the tendencies of an aggregor (for example, of the inventor's aggregor, but there is further about this) and
that the most perspective way of scientific search here is attraction of astrology methods.     

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