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HpM ]    HYPERphysical Materialism


   The knowledge of matter structure and its dynamics enables already today to understand the natural mechanisms of multitude of phenomena remaining a riddle and doomed to remain a riddle for the Cartesian science. The most indicative, significant among these phenomena are so-called [ 38 ] distancy/distant phenomena (DP). They are observable and fixable by physical means, but evidently (!) contradicting to physical laws. It is enough to mention, that -
phenomena of bodies weight changing (not only its reduction as at levitation) [ 20 ] contradict to the Neweton's law of gravitation;
unmaterialization and materialization [ 20 ] contradict laws of material conservation;
fire-walking contradicts laws of thermodynamics;
spontaneous movings and destructions of things (particular cases of poltergeist) [ 99 ] contradict the law of action and counteraction equality also Newton's one.
For comparison.
   The modern academic, Cartesian science (NAS) concerns to such phenomena differently. NAS is not homogeneous (at least, in Russia). It is presented by an open, official science, and a semi-official, secret, working "for war" science.
   This the last is, at least, interested in such phenomena.
   The official science (NAS) does not investigate them; moreover: it declares them to be nonexistent, and so actually it assigns them to parapsychology; at that NAS does not admit parapsychology as a science (at least as a serious valuable science) just by this very reason, but not because it puts under doubt methodological competence of parapsychology. And even more: periodically (each 10-20 years) initiatives to interdict parapsychological researches administratively (by order), or even legislatively are made by NAS. The logic of such a position can remind the logic of a squabbler from a joke, who declares: I have returned the pot to you without any crack; and when I borrowed it from you, it was already with the crack; and you did not give me any pot at all.
   This position of aprioristic denying irrespective of the facts remains constant for not one century.
   The 1876 year. Russia. The Commission of a physical society of the St.-Petersburg Imperial university checks, whether spiritualistic phenomena exist. A protocol of observation is objective exaggeratedly, up to scrupulosity [ 79, pp. 31-32]:

    ... the session at a table at 8 o'clock has begun. The table for living-room is round, on a pedestal with three curves sectile legs. Weight of the table is 4.700 gramme, height is 71 sm, diameter of a table-top is 48 sm, thickness of the table-top edge is 4 sm.
   ... Hands of all present have been put on the table. In about 25 minutes after the beginning of a session knocks were heard, deaf and weak at first, then gradually more and more intensive. After that movements of the table have fol-lowed, its rotations and inclinations in different sides. Knocks and movements continually alternated, at that knocks were sometimes sharp and loud, sometimes only rather weak. In about 25 minutes after the beginning of the session, during the strongest inclinations of the table from side to side the table has suddenly risen up for about 10 centimeters as it were flipped, and has fallen downwards; at its falling one of its legs has broken off...

    The facts are bright, glaring: inclinations of the table were the strongest; the table has not fallen down on one side, as it was to be expected, but has suddenly risen. The facts are fixed by the Commission, but its conclusions contradict these facts: spiritualistic effects were not observed.
   The 1784 year (almost a century earlier). France. A Commission, "names of almost all participants of which even hitherto are world-renowned" [ 134a ], checks the reality of F.A. Mesmer's magnetism as the medicinal means and its efficiency. Acknowledgement of facts, of concrete manifestations of the phenomenon is precisely the same: with a mention of fine details and circumstances, and denying of the phenomenon existence in principle is precisely the same too. In support of this, we quote S. Zweig [ 134a ]:

  the scientific collegium declares a final judgement. This record certifies first of all in the fair and conscientious form indisputable effect of magnetic sessions. "Some patients are silent, quiet and are in bliss state, others cough, spit, feel an easy pain, heat on a surface of the whole body and sweat; others have fits, spasms. Convulsions are extraordinary on frequency, duration and force. As soon as they begin at one, they begin at others too. The Commission observed also convulsions which proceeded during three hours and were accompanied with discharge of the muddy, mucous liquid ejected with force. On occasion traces of blood are observed too. These convulsions are characterized by fast and involuntary movements of all body parts, spasms in a pharynx, twitchings in the stomach region (epigastre), by the wandering or stiffened look, by shrill shouts, by giving jumps, by cry and violent attacks of laughter; then long states of weariness, slackness and exhaustion follow. The slightest unexpected noise forces them to shudder in a fright, and it is noticed, that changes in tone and step of melodies executed on a piano operate on patients: its faster rate excites them even more and strengthens fury of their nervous attacks. There is nothing more amazingly than these convulsions; the one who did not see them, cannot make about them any concept. Anyway, calmness of one group of patients on the one hand and, on the other, the excited state of the other, the various, invariablely repeating intermediate phenomena and that sympathy which arises between patients are surprising; it is possible to observe, how patients smile each other, gently talk with each other and it moderates the convulsive phenomena. All are subject to the one who influence magnetically on them. If they even are apparently in full exhaustion, his sight, his voice immediately deduces them from this state". "Judging by this persevering influence, it is impossible to deny presence of some forces which operates on people and submits them and which carrier is magnetizer".
   But the Parisian Academy, that very which has rejected a lightning rod of Franklin and antivariolic inoculation of Jenner , which has named steam-vessel of Fulton as Utopia, persists in its senseless arrogance, turns its head off and asserts, that it sees and did see nothing.

    It is paradoxical, that the facts are ignored by such a way (during centuries!) just for the sake of struggle against prejudices, with sincere conviction in strengthening by such a way positions of materialism and rationalism.
   Existence of DP forces to reconsider a set of a task (in particular by A. Einstein, 1879-1955) of search of the field uniform theory, which is destined to provide familiarization (understanding and on the basis of this understanding use) of universal natural laws (causal relationships) of spacetime, substancepower, etc., in particular (for example) familiarization of gravitation.
   Existence of DP forces to consider these laws as hyperphysical, i.e. to expand sphere of search, to extend it beyond the bounds of physics (more correctly of physicum), forces to consider conjointly both physical, and metaphysical, in particular informational laws.
   Already today natural mechanisms of all, practically, psyche phenomena are found on the basis of structure and dynamics of matter knowledge. It enables to manage actively these mechanisms instead of to catch passively success, waiting when they work in the desirable way spontaneously or, at the best, to try to create conditions for such spontaneous changes.
   FP can give qualitatively new abilities in all, practically, fields of activity and, in particular, on all scientific directions. To expect concrete achievements is difficult, like as in the days of A.L. Lavoisier (1743-94) to expect modern (of our days) achievements of the science-technic, machine civilization. Mankind uses fire during hundred millenia, but WHAT fire is, was found out (Lavoisier, 1777) less than a quarter of one millenium ago (a parity is as between standard lengths of a racetrack in stadium and of a leaf from school note-book). However on the basis of this very discovery, during this insignificant by historical measures period that has been realized which was impossible even to imagine even 100 years ago.
   It is possible to expect from a science-humanitarian civilization, origin and development of which is possible on the basis of FP, qualitative, revolutionary progress of the same scale, but already from the modern level of machine civilization. And, the machine civilization has improved quality of life, of habitation conditions, but has not improved an inhabitant himself. On the whole he has remained egoistic and aggressive. And the most part of technical achievements was used first of all in sphere of aggression, in the military purposes. Meanwhile the humanitarian civilization by its very essence should forward qualitative, spiritual perfection too.
   A long-term conception about abilities of FP in this respect can be given with a situation with psyche dependences problems (like as a drop of ocean water can give conception about an ocean). By FP-methods an operator releases during few minutes his patient from any obsession (and there are dozens of them) - including a narcotism.
For comparison:
The Medicine, the narcology approves officially (in documents of Healthprotection Ministry), that the narcotism is incurable.
     The cause: the medicine, even the psychiatry is engaged only in an patient's organism, but not in its psyche.
Psychotherapy is successful approximately in half of cases, but attainment of comparable results (or only to be convinced of failure!)demands long hours, and sometimes months and even years.
     The cause: the psychotherapist learns his patient how he can manage with his problem, meanwhile an FP-operator makes it himself; and to make that, which you know how to do, is always easier and more quickly, than to learn some other, and not everyone can be learned

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