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It's like pennies from heaven

   It would be well not to save money for solving the problem of NARCOTICS, it would be well to be ready to make any material sacrifice, inasmuch as it is a problem of nation suvival.

   Drugs using is unprofitable because of many causes.
   There are among damages implicit, .indirect (for example, concerned with worsening of health), but there are the direct, obvious as well.

   The least significant damages are concerned with smoking. And even they are huge.
     Profitability of labor, of works is the more,
        1) the more is productivity and
        2) the less are production expenses, particularly producer's expenses for himself, even if it is useful expenses (such as for food and wears).
     Rejection of smoking improves both of these factors:
       1) after cessation of self-poisoning health improves, and this promotes productivity upgrowth
       2) decrease of harmful expenses is profitable not twice (comparatively with the useful ones), but squared.

     Rejection by a citizen of smoking is profitable to a state. We note only one of many concrete causes of this. It is just smoking (according to statistic data of the Russian fire-prevention service for 1996-97) which is a cause of
        18% of conflagrations (it is more, than every the sixth);
        44% of deaths at conflagrations, every of which (if even not to mention the main, the tragedy of each death), is connected with material damage;
        direct damage maked up not less than 2.5% of the state budget.
      It would be natural if MIA, which includes fire-prevention services, appeals the inhabitants to give up smoking not less actively than MH. But it would be not less natural if personnels of these Ministries follow the appeal themselves, if they set an example to population.

      It is profitable to a separate enterprise when its employee gives up smoking. So, according to American data (the USA, 1988) an enterprise economizes on each its employee, who gives up smoking, from $500 to $15 000, at that the higher is his position the more is the economizing; since then these figures have undoubtedly been grown

      Rejection of smoking is profitable also to a user himself (even not speaking of expediency to be healthy). There are here factors both obvious and hard to be considered. Independent economizing on cigarettes is obvious. One stops to incinerate money, transformig it preliminarily into tabacco. A penny saved is a penny gained.
   If I smoke American cigarettes, I burn rubles, wasted for them, and the smoke accumulates as not only mud in my lungs, but as dollars in America as well.

From abroad experience:
   Only owing to reduction criminal mischief, according to English researchers, every pound, invested in cure of drug addicts, gives three poundes as economy.

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