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Creative relations
Part IV
          A chance to keep Russia as Russian
          Chapter 17.   FP against NARCOMANIAE
a a a a a a a a a a a 17.4.  ADDITIONAL SUBSTANTIATIONS

a a a 17.4.09.   STRATEGY and TACTICS of power measures using

         Now the main efforts and means are spent to decide tactical problems, on minor, technical directions - for suppression of manufacture, transport, spread of drugs, in struggle with SATISFACTION of demand. They are spent is almost useless. The OFFER will exist while the DEMAND will exist, especially SUCH demand which does not yield to hunger and thirst in brightness of emotions provoking it. An affliction because of absence of favourite, tasty meal is different in principle from suffering because of hunger. It is not casual and not surprising, that only 6% of crimes connecting with drugs only one (!) of each 17 are uncovered and maybe stopped (by Materials of international conference on antinarcotic cooperation, Saratov, 21÷23 June, 1999).
   But if to eliminate demand, so the offer will start to die by NATURAL death, which ought to be recognized and accept as the strategic direction.
    The same efforts and means (WITHOUT their increase) would bring more advantage, being directed to revelation of heavy drugs consumers (instead of drugs manufacturers and distributors), but not in order to punish them but to inform them about reality, about the possibility to return to normal, socially loyal way of life PAINLESSLY and QUICKLY.
    As to repressive actions of institutions protecting the law order, they should be so much severe to criminals, to tempers and seducers, as should be cautious and humane to drug dependent consumers. To prosecute them is similar to senseless useless (and cruel) as to chain "madmen" in the Middle Ages and to torture them in order to expel the Devil from them.

From foreign (concerning Russia) experience:
    Only due to decrease in losses from criminality, according to English researchers, each pound enclosed in treatment of addicts gives three pounds of economy. So it is even now, without (!) use of FP possibilities.

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