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Part III
      FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 12. DISTANT INFLUENCE
                         12.4. Psi-TECHNIQUE for SATURATION
                                  12.4.1. SOURCES of SATURATION

        HOMOEOPATHY      is actually a magic practice.

     A homoeopathic medicine is used not as the chemical agent. It is made by means of initial substance (the natural carrier of astralum of a definite quality) dilution. Thinners are, almost always, dairy sugar for dry preparations, and spirit for liquids. Mixing of 1 part of the initial substance with 99 parts of a thinner gives the first centuple dilution. Mixing of 1 part of this product of the first dilution with 99 parts of a thinner gives the second centuple dilution. Repeated centuple, or even decimal, dilution brings the chemical activity of initial substance to nothing. Opponents/critics of homeopathy have already a long time ago fulfilled the calculations convincing of practically absolute guarantee of full absence of initial substance molecules in dilutions of the high order.
   But homeopathic technology assumes not only, and even not so much, dilution of an initial substance, but its dynamisation, potentiation/enchancement, increase of energy concentration in each next dilution. The initial substance is used as a fulcrum (physical support) in the dynamisation process. It works as a filter, cutting energy of all other qualities.
   Potentiation should be made manually. There are just paying a close attention to manipulations in dilution process - to mixing, grinding of a powder, or agitation, stirring of a liquid, concentration on them,- not formal, mechanical fulfilling of these procedures, which must provide dynamisation efficiency. A medicine is the more effective the higher is its dilution it is one (the second) of homeopathy principles. But the nowadays homeopathic technology using (as far as it is known to the author) machine mills and shake-flask propagators, reducing participation of an alive person to a minimum, may rather discredit homoeopathy as a method. But it inflicts losses not so much on a doctor-homoeopath, but on his patient.

   Working in cooperation with a doctor-homoeopath, a healer can either
influence directly upon a patient with those energies which are recommended by the homoeopathist, using (or not using) at that pharmaceutic production as a sample, as a fulcrum (for himself, in his work), or
use pharmaceutic production, potentiate it directly, in addition to pharmaceutic dynamization without additional, next dilutions.

    From the FP positions it is possible to substantiate also another (the first, the main) principle of homoeopathy similia similibus curatur a similar is treated by the similar (omoioV homogeneous, unlike eteroV diverse; padoV feeling, a pain, illness) which finds no explanation in the NAS paradigm in principle (not casually and not temporarily), and which evokes during already two centuries tremendous protests of allopaths (alloV another, opposite).
    If an homoeopath finds out in a special experiment, that some substance ("POISON", Pn), taken by a healthy examinee-volunteer as an overdose, causes a certain painful syndrome, and then meets in his practice a patient with precisely the same syndrome, so he has a right to assume, that extraction of Pn from patient's organism would lead to recover. But the patient did NOT accept any Pn. An outlet: to substitute the extraction of Pn for addition of something ("medicines"), opposite to Pn. Multiply repeated dilution of Pn does just symbolize not absence of Pn (not zero-poison) in a medicine, but its anti-presence (minus-poison or anti-poison).
    This explanation is hyperphysical: a substance-symbol, a bearer of an idea (idea is a metaphysical object), works at the physical level. It is possible to formulate this more approximately to physics: Pn is a combination of a plenty of substance and limitation of energy. A medicine, made from this Pn, is on the opposite: total absence of substance (presence only of thinner) with a high level of energy saturation.
    Such an explanation does not contradict opinions of allopaths, and even confirms them, that should convince of homoeopathic methods legitimacy not less, than high efficiency of homoeopathic therapeutic practice.
    In East medicine (a part of occult medicine) health is considered as result of a harmony, equilibrium of the opposite principles (forces, energiese), in particular active (yan) and passive (yinj), that is a view not so much specifically-medical, but more a universal-philosophical one: In the world events occur for the good only at a harmonious combination of both forces which are ideally predisposed to interaction. Unilateral over-development of one of them at the expense of another leads to fatal consequences ( .. /Shtchutskij Ju.K. [ 146, with. 231]). The harmony, equilibrium of the parity substance÷energy can be considered as another particular.
    Homoeopaths themselves consider their methods not so mechanistically. There are a notions of medicine spirit [ 156 ] and, accordingly, spiritegregor ) of disease. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of the European branch of homeopathy, named the last as miasmum [ 93 ]

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