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The first of the official references to the author's PRACTICAL training

RSFSR Health Protection Department of Kostrona-region
Psychiatry hospital of the Kostrona region
Kostrona, settlement of Nikolskoye

for physicians as healers

    From 10 till 24.11.92 on the base of Psychiatry hospital of the Kostrona region the COURSE (a cycle of the profetional skill level raising) has been fulfilled for 11 psychiaters and 5 medical psychologists of the hospital, and as well for 16 physicians of other medical specialities of the region.There were therapeutists, paediatrists, gynaecologists, surgeons, a neurosurgeon, an anaesthetist, a radiologist, a rontgenologist and a psychotherapist among them.
    The theme of 60-hours course was healery or psi-technique medicine. The Course was lead by a psychologist A.S. Markon by means of his own LegArt (LA)-method.
    We consider the following is necessary to be stressed:

    – Usefulness of the Course: the students' world outlooks have been widened and qualitatively (in principle) new appearances to medical problems have been arisen;
    – The Course does not contain any mysticism in spite of its alarming title "occult medicine"; the Course theaches for rational, high specific way how to think;
    – The Course is universal; it responses to interest of any medical speciality
    – The Course is effective, its intensity, high level of studies time using is supported, in particular, with training appliances by the same author;
    – The LA-method is accessible and effective/fruitful; the group of more than 30 students came to the finish without waste, in spite of primordial skepticism and even distrust of some students.

    The LA-method is essentially psychological and only by applying medical. Nevertheless, we consider expedient to inform of the method, or at least of its existence, Rusian medical public.

    This reference is handed over to A.S. Markon to be presented at Rusian Health Protection Ministry and other instances. Настоящий Отзыв передан А.С. Маркону для предъявления в Министерство Здравоохранения России и в другие инстанции.

acting as
Acting as chief physician

Глухов В.Д.

Responsible for the Course:
    Medical psychologist

Калюжная Н.Б.

    Chief psychotherapist of the region

Пайкин М.Л.

(the hospital's seal)

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