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   Muddle of the term is almost the same as of the notion of narcomania itself. The extreme points of view, about what kind the legalization ought to be of (and both of them are opposite from prohibitionism), are:
   free market of light drugs (Indian cannabis and its derivatives) on a level with market of tobacco and alcohol (traditionally legal drugs);
   gratuitous supply of hard drug addicts (disposable syringes etc) in order to liberate them from conflict with Law on the one hand, and from the crime market dependence on the other one.
   The first of the ways is inappropriate as conflicting with efforts for narcomania prophylaxis, while the second one is quite defensible in whole, as compromise inter mutually contradictory interests of a state (a society) and of a citizen (an addict as a society's member), though this way demands significant corrections.
   As the optimal legalization humane, democratic, not depressing personal liberty, but simultaneously severe, not countenancing narcomania seems to be ONLY legalization on the base (under the condition) of accordance an ABILITY for an addict to be liberated from his drug dependence:
   only hard drugs (to do without which it is really hard to an addict) are sold at cost value (which is at least fifty times lower than commercial one, those of criminal marcet) (but not granted gratuitous) under severe cross medico-lawful control and under additional limitations for a buyer (like demand to use each sold drug dose ONLY at his buying place).
   The main of such limitations must be for each buyer ability to buy his drug ONLY at the sole place. So, if you want leave your place, you have to
   either do without your drug, i.e. you may bear without it or you may get help and get out of drug dependence
   or you have to pay criminal cost.
   With his legalization psychical (inner) slavery becomes outer, obvious for people around. Attachment to a drug incarnates by this way into attachment to a place.
   Legalization in this form becomes menacing warning, becomes an instrument of prophylaxis.

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