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your today's works will turn out useless for Russia (or can turn out with high probability) for by 10÷15 years there will not be those for whom you work today.
   Russia goes through demography catastrophe. And there isn't so important neither baby bust nor high mortality. These factors are quantitative, they are reversible.
   But there is a qualitative, age-specific factor, results of which influence will become irreversible by already 3÷5 years. Russia goes through psyche epidemic of of juvenile, and now already as well children, narcomania. Now the speed of narcodependent young persons growth is near its maximum. Soon it will begin to go down. But oe will not have to be happy of it. It will imply nothing but that everybody, who could be engaged into drug dependence, is already engaged, that nobody remains to be tempted. What next? A drug addict lives average not more than 7 years.
    Young generation will perish before elder generations, and population will lose capacity to reconstitute itself
    It's the first, the fact of the danger, of its proximity, its scale.
   The second. The state doesn't cope with the problem. One cannot rely on it. It fight against supply of drug-demand, against accessory factors, technical and organizational ones, against drug production, transportation and distribution. But untill demand remains, so supply remains as well. It is non-randomness that efficacy of efforts for drugs requisition is about 6% (one success per 16÷17 fails).

    The third. To improve, alleviate the situation, it is necessary (though not enough)
   * to pay the most attention NOT to already dependent adolescents, but to prophylaxis;
   * to start prophylaxis NOT with hard drugs (which is not so much effecctive), but with tobacco, with smoking
;   * to start smoking prophylaxis NOT with adolescents adults;
   * to start smoking prophylaxis NOT with common people, NOT with adolescents' parents but with specialists, the most autoritative persons for them, with pedagogues, physicians, administrators;
   * to start specialists smoking prophylaxis with the most autoritative persons of high society.
   The fourth. Each of you, РАЕН-members, is authority of the highest level in your field. Many of you direct great collectives, even regions. Therefore you are able to make them into islets free from drugs, from tobacco, from smoke. Just your personal behavior can to inculcate in society the belief, to show and prove that
to smoke is of no prestige
a smoking person is a second chop man
   And if personally to you not to smoke is hard (by the way: tobacco is the most obsessive among drugs), so the difficulty can become for you a model of that how a drug addict himself apprehends the problem
   So, imagine
   * that one may get some tobacco only from tobacco mafia;
   * that you can be arrested for unlimited period of time on suspicion (merely suspicion ! ) of your membership to the mafia;
   and there is no necessity to imagine that Ministry of Health, which must help you (just the Ministry is entrusted with the task by the state), isn't able to help, and more, asserts that to help you is impossible, that anyone who promise such a help to you is a charlatan
   * the Ministry acts just in such a way (following after WHO).
   Independently on why it is difficult to you not to smoke, psi-technique makes it possible to provide PAINLESSLY and QUICKLY that it become as easy as it was before the first in your life try of smokinng.
   Желающим ознакомиться с проблемой подробнее предлагается конспективно краткая монография "ПСИХОТЕХНИКА против НАРКОМАНИИ" (около полутора а.л.; 32 стр.) члена Гуманитарной секция "ЧЕЛОВЕК и ТОВОРЧЕСТВО" нашей Академии, почетного доктора Европейского Университета, психолога А.С. Маркона.

President of РАЕН


Chief science secretary of РАЕН

Vladimir G. TYMINSKY


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