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Creative relations
Part IV
          A chance to keep Russia as Russian
          Chapter 17.   FP against NARCOMANIAE
a a a a a a a a a a a a 17.4.  ADDITIONAL SUBSTANTIATIONS

a a a 17.4.14 Reserves of NARCOLOGY
a a a a a a a a a a a (it is profitable to some people that the drugs problem is kept on solving but not has been solved)

   Psi-technique can be taken for the proper using or as an ally, as a helper first of all by medicine, which is just responsible officially, in the person of HPM, for the problem solving. But it's just HPM which upholds zealously after WHO the idea of drug addiction incurability, and actively ignores insistent propositions of complementary (not only the psi-technical) remedies, instead to become (to make Russia) the leader of the world narcology.
   Misfortune of narcology (really, of its patients) is not so much that it is helpless, but that it is actively, aggressively helpless, that it doesn't want to get rid of the helplessness. A naive man (who believe that everyone is interested in prosperity of others like as in his own prosperity) can be shocked with paradoxical reaction of narcologists (and of other medicinists, includingly med-administrators) on information about PulPur staistics (that waste of 30-120 minutes is enough to liberate a patient from his depebdence). They don't demand: share with me the method, I want to have similar results. They don't demand: Prove that the method is really so effective. They ask with cynical irony senseless questions like: So why are you not a millionaire yet? or: So why are you not a Noble Prize laureate yet? Perhaps, their reaction would be another if their earnings were defended not on time which a patient wastes to visits them but on real result of their work.
   Criminals, a drug mafia are fed at an addict and his relatives troubles. How to not recollect here, that there are egoists, who are ready to burn another's house, only to make a cup of coffee on this fire for theirselves. But if scales of a narcotism will decrease, if quantity of criminals and crimes becomes less, their social antipodes not only experts in narcology, but also police, court with Office of Public Prosecutor and legal profession, executors of verdicts, etc. down to the legislators, establishing corrected these bloody games will be without a significant part of their today's work (and income).
   Official programs for return a narcomaniac to normal mode of life are based mostly (in practice excessively) upon methodically helpless narcology, in very less grade upon psychotherapy, and absolutely ignores psi-technique. Just that is why programs for suppression of drug circulation has to be directed mostly to legislative-rightful prohibitive methods against secondary (organizing-technical) factors of the problem (as production, transportation, distribution), and efficiency of the programs is only some about 6%.

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