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Demography DISASTER –

     1. Psychical epidemic of adolescent, and now already children, narcomania introduces qualitative disbalance in the age-specific structure of people, and becomes the decisive factor of population collapse. Young generation will perish before the more elder. Then population (present-day people, without possible immigration) will become incapable to reproduce itself.
   RESUME-1. Process of demography catastrophe (if to-day dynamic of the epidemy remains the same) will become irreversible in 3÷5 years (it means 2002÷04, for the analysis was made and published at 1999; its results were addressed to state and public organizations at each levels from international to local, were reported at many scientific-practical conferences.).
   2. A problem of the catastrophe prevention (or mollification) is objectively complicated.
        2.1. The problem is intrinsically psychological. Its successful, effective solving is impossible without basing upon knowledge of mechanisms of psyche norm disturbances and restoration.
      2.2. The mechanisms are discovered by fundamental psychology. There is rich experience of using of y-technique (the practical toolkit of fundamental psychology) for both individual liberation from broad ring of dependencies (not only from drug dependence) and team teaching of specialists (mainly physicians) as operators.
      2.3. The problem includes, except psychological and social aspects, also multitude of the others – pedagogical, medical, lawful etc. Respectively, solving of the problem demands complex approach.
   RESUME-2. y--technique gives base for complex solution of the problem.
   3. The problem is difficult also because of subjective reasons – organizational ones, psychological, ethical etc. In particular
      3.1. Official state approaches to solution of the problem.are based ONLY on medicine, on its abilitiies, and it is even confirmed legislatively (The Law of Narcotic Means and Psychotropic Substances, at 1997.12.24, article 55, point 4). But medicine concerns with only patient's ORGANIOSM, works at the levels of physics, chemistry, biology, but NOT psyche. From the viewpoint, today's academic medicine is identical with veterinary one.
         But any drug dependence is a decease, pathology just of PSYCHE. It is a malignant lack of will, intrapersonal (person's inner) conflict, contradiction between person's spirit and anima levels, between his logic, common sense and his emotions. Mechanisms of interactions between these levels of personality are not known to medicine, and narcomania officially continue to be considered as incurable.
     3.2. The system of payment for physician's and other specialist's work, accepted at present, adopted as a western pattern, payment according with their working time, (and time, wasted by a patient, as well), and independently on real results of the work, doesn't objectively promote 's interest in final present's recovering. It leads to a conflict inter economy and ethics: specialist is materially interested his patient to continue to cure but not to recover. If nevertheless a specialist is interested in maximum effective for his patient result, so it happens not owing to the system, but in spite of it.
      3.3. WHO rejects propositions to approbate and to use effective methods, especially the psi-technique ones, without any explanation/substantiation.
   RESUME-3. Under today's approaches any efforts and offerings, any means will be waste
   4. It is not possible to avoid the catastrophe. Too much time is lost. It has already achieved a high speed and continues to increase it. But to soften its consequences is possible and is necessary.
   It is not enough (but although necessary), in order to respective programs would be effective, that they are based on effective methods. It is necessary (but although not enough ) also
   – to pay the most attention NOT to curing already ill adolescents, but to prophylaxis;
   – to begin prophylaxis NOT with hard drugs (that is of little effective), but with tobacco, with smoking;
   – to begin prophylaxis of smoking by adolescents with discontinuance of smoking by adults;
   – to begin discontinuance of smoking by adults NOT with the multitude of adolescents' perents, but with specialists, with the persons, most authoritative for the perents;
   Only those programs considering these demands, directed to propagation the opinion in society that

to smoke is of no prestige, that
a smoking mam is a second-rate man
can be effective.
    RESUME-4. It is a difficult way. But there isn't an easy way. Easy ways lead to catastrophe.
   The leadership of  ะภลอ shares this conviction.

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