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    Tragedy on 2001.09.11 prompted to return to thoughts of ability to forgive.
    In USA the question of punishment was raised at once. More exactly without any discussion and doubt this necessity was stated with full certainty.
    There is the logic here: don't dare go in for terrorism it doesn't matter which inducements and reasons you have otherwise you'll be punished.
    Being so hot on the trail it's just understandable. Emotions rage. Even passions. Alive buried men call up still by mobile telephones but there isn't help to reach them and to save.
    But can the threat of punishment be effective, especially if one faces certain death consciously; is such an approach to the problem of terrorism the scientific one?
    If even any success in the way is available, so only the temporary one. Yes, it has to punish a malefactor, for the other in the conditions of today would be taken as an incentive of a malicious intent, but the idea of punishment mustn't prevail.
    What must to prevail, it's striving to expel, to exterminate the stimulus of a malicious intent.
    So, it would be of importance to ascertain first of all which are the stimulus.
    One of them is evident. Specialists agree in opinion that enmity, as well as its extreme manifestations, hostilities both obvious (Kosovo, Afghanistanfont) and concealed (terrorrism), is emerge of struggle for control of narcotic transport ways, that religious contradictions are only pretext (casus belli). Therefore, until possession of the ways gives profit, the enmity will exist. It will be independently on that, if the punishment threats or not.
    What a difference
      if the narcotic transport cease to be profitable
      if demand for drugs reduces sharply enough; just this may be obtained by means of psi-technique.
    One of the stimuls to be at enmity will stop, also independently on that, if the punishment threats for enmity or not.
    Only one for the beginning. But also ALL the others are similarly the consequence of egoism. Can one fight against it? Yes, but only at the ways of fight against one's own egoism.         2001.09.1415.55

    A separate, particular problem is, how to find ability to attitude toward to a situation only from the rational point of view, only so, as it deserves. One need to remain calm. But how to find such a peace? One of the ways is known for sure.         2001.10.0721.35

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