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Creative relations
Part III
      FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 12. DISTANT INFLUENCE
                         12.4  SATURATION

        Compensating for losses of energy by means of getting it from Space, an "(energy) replenishment", is not the privilege of a healer. But there are people who are "not able" to get it directly from Space, and so do it by means of active replenishment through surrounding people. That is rather often accompanied with household conflicts because vampirism can be facilitated at emotional explosions of a donor-victim which are provoked by a vampir-recipient.

    A typical vampire (nearby 45 years old; intellectual; interesting and - at first impressions - pleasant at intercourse; the highest technical education; twice divorced). He finds ways to offend his victim in order to have a rest from his "depression" at a storm of a victim's protest. He makes ground for future scandals: he looks for and saves in his memory all (imaginary!) misses of his future victim: he tries to find out motes in an another's eye, sometimes - retrospectively. He does fine services in order to have in future a basis for reproaches in an ingratitude.
    He remains himself quiet when he makes a scandal. He utters his reproaches publicly, at witnesses - anti-tactfully, anti-nicely, but without emotional displays (indignation, etc.) in the form of only logic reasons. He is always right: I've told them (all) the truth.
    His position: they are bad I am good. I do goods to everyone everyone harms to me. I am right all of them are wrong. There is NO a hint of his repentance (unlike a schizophrenic), on the opposite: It is a pity, that I've struck her not so heavily..
    To recede from this position means for him to cast doubt on possibility to provoke scandals in the future.
    After a scandal: he feels a load off his mind, BECAUSE I've restored (have tried to restore) justice.

    There may be complaints of bad health state weakness, jadedness, apathy, irritability, even a headache after an intercourse with a similar persons (even without conflicts).
    of a patient-victim from a vampire-aggressor can be implemented by two strategically opposite ways.
    A. The form itself of the problem how TO PROTECT directs to the first, standard/traditional way: exactly to protect, save from energy robbery. Tactical/psi-technical possibilities on this way are effective enough. For example, for cutting off from a vampire it can be enough a simple protective screen. But not everything, what is easier, that is better. A vampire, deprived of one victim, will begin to search for another. A success in such struggle against evil will generate a new (another) evil. The problem of a vampire neutralization will be solved locally, but will be kept globally, in principle. The problem will merely change its address.
    B. An alternative way, offered and practiced by the author, means that he, who suffers from a vampire, is himself a vampire in some (in small) degree. Yes, he replenishes himself independently from a surrounding astralum, from Space, but just barely enough, on the verge of energy hunger. Therefore, if a part of his energy is taken from him by a vampire, he suffers. A person, who feeds himself in high-grade (unlimitedly), can feed a dozen, a hundred of vampires not noticing this at all.
    If such a patient-victim is learned how to feed himself in high-grade, he will not need any more to be protected, it will cease to be a victim. If a vampire is learned the same, he'll transformed in an independent person (in the energy metabolism plan), what would be similar to transformation of obsession (section 14.4.2 ).
    The situation changes at that globally: an "evil" is not banished, it does not search after that for a new victim, but it becomes a "good". Certainly, quantitatively it is only a drop in a sea, but the more important is qualitative, ethical size of the problem decision, a tendency, an orientation from "evil" to "good". One who hobble in a correct direction will outstrip another, who runs astray (Bacon).
    As methods/ways for improvement/intensification of feeding (of the general energy metabolism, not of saturation) can be used the same, which were discussed in the section about protection ( 11.5 ). Physical actions for an organism clearing (see chapter 16 ) can also promote disclosing/cleaning/unblocking of energy channels.     

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